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Saturday June 16, 2118

4:30 p.m. –

Where:  Copper Peak Lane grassy area 

Provided:  roasted chickens, water & soft drinks, tableware

Bring:  a dish to share & a chair

Let’s kick the Summer off to a great start with this fun community gathering.  Visit and relax with your neighbors.  New neighbors, come get acquainted—let us welcome you.


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The annual Pot Luck is scheduled for Saturday June 16, starting at 4:30 PM. The location for the pot luck is the grassy area on Copper Peak.


The Social committee is also planning a community Garage Sale on Saturday August 18, 2018.


More details to follow


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The following is the current status of the painting project (March 15, 2019):

1. All homes have been inspected.

2. There is a tentative plan to begin the painting project in early May.

This does not leave much time to complete siding repairs. If you are plan on using your own contractor, please submit a fully completed architecture request form as soon as possible. Failing to submit a completed form may delay your home repair. Homeowners who do not submit a fully completed architecture request form and allow their contractors to complete repairs without Board approval will face fines and the repairs might need to be redone. Again, there is a Board meeting next week and another meeting on April 18. The architecture request form is located on the Documents page (General section).

You do not need to complete a architecture request form is you contract with Ekim construction.


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As mentioned before, we have seen burglaries too close to home. You might want to take an active approach in protecting your property. You may want to consider installing a “Ring Door Bell” for your front door.  You don’t need board approval to replace your existing door bell with the Ring Door Bell. You may also want to consider leaving your front and rear exterior lights on at night. In case you’re concerned about the added electrical cost, Phillips makes a candelabra LED replacement light bulb for our exterior lights. You can also install a timer for your lights. Lastly, you may consider installing an alarm system. 


Because so many of you have safety concerns, I have scheduled a “Neighborhood Watch” meeting for April 24, @ 7:00 PM @ Legends Pizza at 5965 Almaden Expressway. This will be conducted by San Jose PD. What happens at the meeting? Per SJPD:


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives of your police department to discuss and work to solve problems in your community, or to keep the problems from starting in the first place!

Through this positive, pro-active program, you will learn facts about:

•Police districts and beats

•Duties of beat officers

•Crime trends in your area

•How to react to suspicious or criminal activity

•How San Jose's 9-1-1 system works

•Recommended security measures such as...

Types of locks



Operation Identification

and MUCH more!

Only residents attending the meeting will be entitled to receive a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH window sign and other materials distributed at the meeting.

If 80%-100% of the homes on your block are represented at the meeting, metal NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH signs will be installed on the streetlight poles on your block.


If you plan on attending this meeting please RSVP to Compass.  We have a limit of 15 people. Should we have a larger response, we’ll have a second meeting.



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The purpose for this post is to provide a quick update with respect to ongoing projects. This association is going to be quite busy this year. As always, the best way to remain informed is to attend the monthly Board meetings.

1. Tree care: Lewis Tree is in the process of removing many Arbutus trees (strawberry trees) throughout the community that were planted too close to homes. The reason for removing these trees is because they are growing too close to the buildings, the fruit clogs gutters, stains the siding of the buildings, makes a mess on driveways, and attract rodents. There is already an approved plan to replant the trees that are being removed. The new tree type will be a much better fit for the area and they will be planted further away from homes. 

2. Tree care part 2: Over the next two weeks, Lewis Tree will also complete the annual tree trimming project throughout the community. This is necessary to maintain the health and safety of trees in our community.

3. Next up, sometime in the next 2 to 6 weeks, Pacific Surfacing will be fixing some cement and pavement issues on Copper Peak and one spot on Shelby Creek. This includes replacing two very damaged areas in garages, fixing broken sidewalks, and fixing cracked pavement.

4. Painting Project. The Board of Directors have been working hard on this project. EKIM Painting will start inspecting the community for damaged wood and mark the areas in need of repair. They will start in the next week or two weeks. Homeowners will have the choice to contract with EKIM Construction or hire there own contractors to repair the damaged wood on their homes. The repairs need to be completed within a month to six weeks, prior to the start of the actual painting project. Please remember that wood siding repairs are homeowner responsibility. It is highly recommended to have your homes inspected for termites as well.

The Board is working on choosing the painting colors now. The colors of the buildings will be very similar to the existing colors. The colors will be modernized with darker shades and each primary color will have a specific trim color to enhance the base color. EKIM Painting is going to paint sample colors on select buildings very soon.


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 June 20, 2015: Annual potluck starts at 4:30 PM


July 18th, 2015: Garage Sale

There will be a brief meeting for participants in the garage sale July 11th in May’s driveway to distribute signage materials , collect $5 per participating household, and answer any questions. 



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Community Book Libraries:

The Board of directory and the Social Committee are working on a project to install two Book Library Houses in our community to share books. If approved, this project will start in October, 2015. 

Check out for more details.


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Road Repair:

The landscape team (which is also the street repair team), the Board of Directors, and Compass management has been working hard on a project to repair the streets in the community. This is a scheduled project that will be paid from the reserve budget. The project is scheduled to start within 30 to 60 days. The focus for the first part of the project will include Copper Peak and all of the interior streets. The Shelby Creek side of the community will be completed in the spring of 2016.

More about this project later.



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Start organizing your unwanted items. California Ridge is planning to sponsor a Garage Sale on July 18, 2015. More later...


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Regular attendees of the Board meetings and some Board members have requested a community book sharing system. You might have noticed little wooden houses in other neighborhoods where neighbors share books (leave a book, take a book). The Board of Directors and several home owners are investigating solutions for our community. More later...


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Last year, the Landscape Committee requested the removal of 7 Sycamore trees in the community. The City of San Jose approved the removal of 5 of the trees and they have been removed now. The Landscape Committee is planning to replace the Sycamore trees that were cut down with Red Oak and Maple trees. A special root guard will be installed to help prevent damage to utilities, side walks, driveways, sewer system, etc. in the future. The Landscape Committee is planning to buy trees as large as possible while not exceeding the budget. More later...

The Landscaping Committee has also created a landscape request form. If you have a landscaping request, please contact Shawn at Compass Management and he will send you the form. Please complete all sections of the form and return it to Shawn. The Landscaping Committee will review all requests during their monthly meetings.


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The 2015 Board of Directors has been finalized. Steve Bibb and Courtney Galgani were elected to the Board of Directors for the next two years. Cindy resigned from the Board at the end of the January meeting. Flora was chosen by the Board to fill in the remainder of Cindy's term during the February meeting. There you go.

Please be sure to thank Cindy for all her hard work serving on the Board of Directors these past years. She was such a valuable asset to our community and the Board of Directors, especially dealing with community finances and landscape improvement. We are going to miss her and her talents!


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Mountain Lion sightings near Williams Elementary

Chief of Staff, District 10 Shane Patrick Connolly from San Jose City Council

Councilmember Khamis has received reports from a number of neighbors about the mountain lion spotted near Williams Elementary. He reached out to the State Department of Fish and Wildlife, County Vector Control, and the City’s Animal Care and Services Division. If the mountain lion is acting in an aggressive manner or is an immediate threat to you or other individuals, please call 9-1-1. Typically, unless the animal is sick or injured, it would not pose a threat to the human population. Experts advise that if you make yourself look bigger by raising your arms in the air and make loud noises, the animal will typically run away. 

Here is the link to a mountain lion FAQ page from the Division of Fish and Wildlife: