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In order to have your Architectural Application approved in a timely manner, please provide the following information in your application: 

*Indicate on the completed Architectural Application that your contractor is making the dry rot wood repairs listed on EKIM Painting’s report. Please contact EKIM if you did not receive the specific report for your home. 

*The application must be fully completed before sending it to the Board for approval.

*Your application should indicate that the repairs will be made “like for like” – i.e. with no alterations to the existing architecture and your contractor will use the exact materials included in the specifications sheet. 

*Include a copy of EKIM Painting’s report with your completed Architectural Application.

*Include a copy of your contract’s insurance with your completed Architectural Application.

*Include a copy of your contractor’s valid license with your completed Architectural Application.

*Make sure to include a completion date for the work.

Note: You can download a copy of the Architectural Application from the documents section of this website.


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The following is the current status of the painting project (March 15, 2019):

1. All homes have been inspected.

2. There is a tentative plan to begin the painting project in early May.

This does not leave much time to complete siding repairs. If you are plan on using your own contractor, please submit a fully completed architecture request form as soon as possible. Failing to submit a completed form may delay your home repair. Homeowners who do not submit a fully completed architecture request form and allow their contractors to complete repairs without Board approval will face fines and the repairs might need to be redone. Again, there is a Board meeting next week and another meeting on April 18. The architecture request form is located on the Documents page (General section).

You do not need to complete a architecture request form is you contract with Ekim construction.


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Final Update: (July 25):

Pacific Surfacing will be seal coating Shelby Creek and connecting streets on Monday (Aug 1) and Tuesday (Aug 2). The streets will need to be closed from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM each day. There will be no vehicle access those days.


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For the past year or longer, the Board has been working on plans to replace the monument signs at the entrances of Copper Peak and Shelby Creek. Taking a step back, the original monuments were damaged by dry rot, termites, and time. We learned about the condition of the monuments at the conclusion of the painting project.