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The Board has hired a company to manage parking in California Ridge. We have tried many things in the past, but everything that we have tried to help with parking issues has resulted in frustration and not success. We have not finalized the policy yet, but there will be a website to register your guests for overnight parking. Visitor parking is reserved for guests only. Homeowners are never allowed to use visitor parking unless granted special permission by the Board. At some point in the near future, those who continue to violate guest parking will have their cars towed at their expense. We do not want anyone living in the community to have their cars towed. We will make sure to communicate the new system very clearly before we launch it. The tentative timeframe for going live is January 2019.


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As mentioned before, we have seen burglaries too close to home. You might want to take an active approach in protecting your property. You may want to consider installing a “Ring Door Bell” for your front door.  You don’t need board approval to replace your existing door bell with the Ring Door Bell. You may also want to consider leaving your front and rear exterior lights on at night. In case you’re concerned about the added electrical cost, Phillips makes a candelabra LED replacement light bulb for our exterior lights. You can also install a timer for your lights. Lastly, you may consider installing an alarm system. 


Because so many of you have safety concerns, I have scheduled a “Neighborhood Watch” meeting for April 24, @ 7:00 PM @ Legends Pizza at 5965 Almaden Expressway. This will be conducted by San Jose PD. What happens at the meeting? Per SJPD:


NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH is an opportunity to meet face-to-face with representatives of your police department to discuss and work to solve problems in your community, or to keep the problems from starting in the first place!

Through this positive, pro-active program, you will learn facts about:

•Police districts and beats

•Duties of beat officers

•Crime trends in your area

•How to react to suspicious or criminal activity

•How San Jose's 9-1-1 system works

•Recommended security measures such as...

Types of locks



Operation Identification

and MUCH more!

Only residents attending the meeting will be entitled to receive a NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH window sign and other materials distributed at the meeting.

If 80%-100% of the homes on your block are represented at the meeting, metal NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH signs will be installed on the streetlight poles on your block.


If you plan on attending this meeting please RSVP to Compass.  We have a limit of 15 people. Should we have a larger response, we’ll have a second meeting.



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Mail theft

The purpose for this post is to alert all home owners that there is possible mail theft going on in our community and in Almaden Valley. There is a conversation going on over at Nextdoor website.

The following are some pointers to help minimize the risk of mail theft:


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Given limited SJPD resources burglaries continue to be a problem in Almaden. One way to reduce the probability in our neighborhoods is by implementing Neighborhood Watch (NW) programs where neighbors can help neighbors. The Radio Net and Almaden Valley Emergency Response Team (AVERT) are capabilities that are designed to augment what you do locally. We encourage everyone to take a look.
The Radio Net enables neighbors to efficiently coordinate in a neighborhood response (suspicious car, burglary in progress). Neighbors responding to neighbors is much faster (2-5 minutes vs > 15 minutes from SJPD). Furthermore, during an earthquake we may need to assist each other. AVERT (Almaden Valley Emergency Response Team) will also be introduced to enable interested volunteers to work together to address neighborhood needs while waiting for city services.