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Dealing with Rats and Unwanted Pests

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Dealing with Rodents in California Ridge

Periodically there are issues with rodents (rats and mice) in our community.  If you are having problems with rodents in your home, do not place poison bait boxes around your home or try to remedy the problem yourself. Doing so can cause harm or death to pets, children, and other wild life. Rather, call a Pest Control company to properly remove the rodent problem. Pest Control companies place traps in safe locations and use solutions to trap and kill rodents that  are safe for pets, children, and other wildlife. 

How can we PREVENT rodent population growth?  Here are a few suggestions…

  1. If you have a bird feeder with seeds in it, do not leave spilled feed on the ground
  2. Do not leave pet dishes with food outside
  3. If you have or live near a fruit tree, pick up fallen fruit on a daily basis
  4. Plug any holes in your home (foundation, siding, etc.), as well for openings under and around your decking.


If you have placed any type of poison bait/boxes in common areas, you must remove them immediately.  Any and all poison bait/boxes in common areas will be removed in January 2016 by the HOA (Homeowner's association).  You will be billed back for the removal of said poison bait/boxes you've placed in common areas.