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Dry Rot & Tree Inspection

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Message from the Board:
This is a reminder to all homeowners.  Please check your decking and siding for dry rot. Dry rotting can create potentially dangerous problems for the community.  In addition, neglected decking and siding repairs will impact our property values. These repairs are home owner responsibility. Notify the association when you've completed your siding and/or railing repairs. The association will take care of painting these repairs (only railings, siding and not decks).  The deck floor is homeowner's responsibility. 
Our tree inspection was completed on Tuesday, September 22, 2015 @10:00AM.  All homeowners were welcomed to attend the walk, which included all streets in California Ridge. There are several trees that are dead or have disease. Also, there are several smaller trees that were planted too close to building and they will need to be pruned back or removed. While the Board doesn't like removing trees, the Board must consider the dangers dead or diseased trees present to the community.  When trees are removed the HOA (homeowner's association) plants two for every one tree removed, depending on permit requirements.
We will post the full report as soon as it is compiled and presented to the Board. If you have any concerns, please join us at the next few Board meeting to listen to the conversation. If you want to address the Board for longer than 3 to 5 minutes, please contact Compass and ask to be added to the agenda.