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Mail theft

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Mail theft

The purpose for this post is to alert all home owners that there is possible mail theft going on in our community and in Almaden Valley. There is a conversation going on over at Nextdoor website.

The following are some pointers to help minimize the risk of mail theft:


1. Ask neighbors who are home during the day to keep an eye on the neighborhood and call the police if they observe any strange activity, especially if someone besides the postman is accessing mailboxes.

2. Consider upgrading your mailbox to a secured mailbox. Contact Compass management for details.

3. Remove your mail from your mailbox just after the mail is delivered if possible or ask your neighbor to remove your mail if they are home during the day until this issue is solved.

4. Contact the post office and ask to have your mail held at the post office for pickup. This might be especially helpful if you are traveling during the holidays.

I am sure there are several additional pointers that could be helpful to prevent mail theft. Please access the contact page and send us an email with any helpful pointers.