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Quick Update

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The purpose for this post is to provide a quick update with respect to ongoing projects. This association is going to be quite busy this year. As always, the best way to remain informed is to attend the monthly Board meetings.

1. Tree care: Lewis Tree is in the process of removing many Arbutus trees (strawberry trees) throughout the community that were planted too close to homes. The reason for removing these trees is because they are growing too close to the buildings, the fruit clogs gutters, stains the siding of the buildings, makes a mess on driveways, and attract rodents. There is already an approved plan to replant the trees that are being removed. The new tree type will be a much better fit for the area and they will be planted further away from homes. 

2. Tree care part 2: Over the next two weeks, Lewis Tree will also complete the annual tree trimming project throughout the community. This is necessary to maintain the health and safety of trees in our community.

3. Next up, sometime in the next 2 to 6 weeks, Pacific Surfacing will be fixing some cement and pavement issues on Copper Peak and one spot on Shelby Creek. This includes replacing two very damaged areas in garages, fixing broken sidewalks, and fixing cracked pavement.

4. Painting Project. The Board of Directors have been working hard on this project. EKIM Painting will start inspecting the community for damaged wood and mark the areas in need of repair. They will start in the next week or two weeks. Homeowners will have the choice to contract with EKIM Construction or hire there own contractors to repair the damaged wood on their homes. The repairs need to be completed within a month to six weeks, prior to the start of the actual painting project. Please remember that wood siding repairs are homeowner responsibility. It is highly recommended to have your homes inspected for termites as well.

The Board is working on choosing the painting colors now. The colors of the buildings will be very similar to the existing colors. The colors will be modernized with darker shades and each primary color will have a specific trim color to enhance the base color. EKIM Painting is going to paint sample colors on select buildings very soon.