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Given limited SJPD resources burglaries continue to be a problem in Almaden. One way to reduce the probability in our neighborhoods is by implementing Neighborhood Watch (NW) programs where neighbors can help neighbors. The Radio Net and Almaden Valley Emergency Response Team (AVERT) are capabilities that are designed to augment what you do locally. We encourage everyone to take a look.
The Radio Net enables neighbors to efficiently coordinate in a neighborhood response (suspicious car, burglary in progress). Neighbors responding to neighbors is much faster (2-5 minutes vs > 15 minutes from SJPD). Furthermore, during an earthquake we may need to assist each other. AVERT (Almaden Valley Emergency Response Team) will also be introduced to enable interested volunteers to work together to address neighborhood needs while waiting for city services.

The Radio Net uses a GMRS (General Mobile Radio Service) handset working with strategically placed repeaters to provide reliable communications serving Almaden Valley communities. We will go over information on how to:

  • Join the radio network
  • How to use the radio
  • When to use the radio
  • Our goal is to de-mystify the use of radios to enable a stronger community.

AVERT is an organization to enable CERT like capabilities in advance of San Jose City restoring San Jose Prepared (currently unfunded). AVERT will provide an introduction to emergency response procedures for individuals who wish to help/volunteer during an emergency. Examples of emergencies include fire, flood, and earthquakes.

The introduction to emergency response training will include:

  • Participating in AVERT drills (where to meet, what to bring, how to…)
  • Medical operations (simple triage & rapid treatment, controlling bleeding, treating shock, etc)
  • Fire safety & utility controls (shutting off gas, fire sizeup, fire suppression safety, etc)
  • Light search & rescue (size up, safety considerations, search methods, etc)
  • Upon completing the AVERT training participants will receive a high visibility vest and radio for use in upcoming Almaden Valley drills.


Radio Net presentation meeting: Barry Redding & Jon Kim presenters with Radio Net

Date: April 14, 2016

Time: 7:00 PM

Location: Legend Pizza Co

5965 Almaden Expressway Unit 125

San Jose, Ca 95120


Sponsored by California Ridge Homeowner's Association