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Shelby Creek Street Repairs (Updated 7/25)

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Final Update: (July 25):

Pacific Surfacing will be seal coating Shelby Creek and connecting streets on Monday (Aug 1) and Tuesday (Aug 2). The streets will need to be closed from 7:30 AM until 5:30 PM each day. There will be no vehicle access those days.

As many of you know, we completed major street repairs on Copper Peak and the connecting streets in 2015. The project was completed on schedule and with minimal disruption to homeowners living on the Copper Peak side of California Ridge.

Starting on July 11, the project moves to Shelby Creek and the connecting streets. Phase 1 will begin on July 11. This phase includes rebuilding many of the parking stalls and curbs. The sycamore trees have caused much damage to many of the parking stalls. There will be some sidewalk replacement work and a driveway as well, again damage caused by the sycamore trees.

I believe Pacific Surfacing will complete the major street repair work the week after July 11. This phase of the street repair project includes digging up some portions of the street, resurfacing the streets, sealing the new asphalt, and repainting the stripes on the speed bumps and other markings. I believe this part of the project will begin on July 18 and should be completed on July 21. During this phase of the project, cars will need to be parked along Spring Hill from 7:30 AM until after 5:30 PM.



The street work on Shelby Creek side is moving along. Pacific Surfacing will finish repaving the streets today (7/21). Then, in a few weeks, they will return to seal the streets and paint the strips on the speed bumps and other markings. Pacific Surfacing will post a notice prior to the date of this work and I will update this post again.

There is some slight modification to some of the parking stalls that resulted in a one foot gap to the edge of the lawn. Common Ground will be working to move sprinklers and fill in those areas. Be careful when walking around those areas for now because they are uneven at the moment. Cones will be placed near those areas until they are filled in.