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Winter Newsletter (Feb 2016)

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Board members
All three board members up for election have been re-elected because they ran unopposed. Positions for 2016 are:
   Rosie MacFarlane - President
   Courtney Galgani - Vice President
   Bonnie Piche -Treasurer
   Flora Englund-Secretary
   Steve Bibb-Director

CCR's and governing documents
Please take time to review and become familiar with our governing documents. They provide important information you should be aware of. The board follows and adheres to our documents to maintain our community.

In case of an emergency such as: outside broken water pipes, or roof leaks you MUST call Compass Management Company before calling your own vendor to address repairs. You can call 408-226-3300.  They have a 24 hour service.   Compass has preferred vendors that are approved to make community repairs. If you proceed with your own repair service without notifying Compass Management Company, you will be responsible for all charges without possible reimbursement.

You will be please to know that we have a very healthy budget for this fiscal year. For the first time in our HOA's history our Reverse Fund is at 63%.  In October 2015, we started our year at 60% funding. By maintaining a strong reserve position, the need for an extra assessment during the year is very low and limited to extreme emergencies. Your board has worked diligently to build our reserves.

Speaking of reserves, this spring the streets on Shelby Creek side will be repaired and resurfaced.  This will be a large expenditure in our fiscal 2015-2016 budget. More information will be provided as we get closer to this project.

Guest Parking Only signs
We have a tremendous guest parking problem where residents are using guest parking to park their vehicles.  Instead of parking their extra vehicles on Spring Hill, residents ignore our guest parking rules.  It has become difficult to eliminate the problem.  For this reason, the board voted to place "Guest Parking Only" signs in some guest parking areas. These are temporary signs intended to become permanent, but we want your feed back before proceeding.  These signs would not be necessary if all residents would adhere to our parking rules. The board decided this approach would be a better solution instead of towing vehicles from guest parking spaces. "Guest Parking Only" signs will be placed at the first large parking space on Copper Peak.  A second set of signs will be placed on the Shelby Creek side. While the signs will not represent the number of parking spots in each parking space, the signs posted are intended to represent the entire parking space. Please do not park in guest parking at all.

Nextdoor Almaden
If you want to know what's happening in Almaden Valley, you might consider joining "Nextdoor Almaden".  The board is not endorsing this website.  The website contains information regarding safety that you might find useful.  

Remember to check on our website for updates and information at;  Monthly newsletter will be mailed out as deemed necessary.